Our Story:

We’re creating a community where people do their best to live like Jesus.  But we have to be honest: we don’t completely have our act together yet.  We’re still new, and that means we’re still trying to figure things out.  We make a mess of things sometimes.  We are the mess sometimes.  But in the midst of it, we see God doing something amazing: bringing these messy people together so that we might share the things that matter most, search for joy, and serve the ones who need it most.  So that’s our good news we’re sharing with our city: that God can bring messy, broken people together to renew the world.  We’re called to make the earth look just a little more like heaven.

Who We Are:

We’re a mixed group.  We’re all over the place in terms of political perspectives and religious backgrounds –and we love it that way.  To be honest, we try not to put much stock in labels: liberal/conservative; religious/non-religious; rich/poor; gay/straight; sinner/saint; Christian/atheist –from what we read in the Bible, it doesn’t seem like its our job to sort people out.  Rather, we feel called to love them –all of them- and to encourage them to be loving servants too.  It’s not always easy, but that’s a big part of what makes what we’re doing so exciting.

Our Hearts:

We’re kind of tired of hearing about what people believe.  Way too often those beliefs, as great as they might be, seem to be used as an excuse to draw boundaries and keep people out –away from the resources they might need to recognize the love of God.  Instead, we can focus on our values, and ways to share our time: to help bring people together; to live richly (which isn’t at all about money).  That’s what we think it looks like to thrive. What we value:  Welcoming all into our community. Serve our communities. Grow by sharing our faith stories.

Our Mission:

Engage; Encourage; Empower

What We Do:

  • Gather: Eat, Ask Questions, Grow Relationships
  • Small Groups: Up-building and Empowering
  • Service: Humble, Transformative, Relational

Our Board:

Board Chair: Ryan Beatty
“Why I thrive…
I thrive because the people are authentic and genuinely care about me. thrive has created a safe and welcoming space for me to explore and ask questions about my faith.”
Judi Randall Bob Dickerson                           Stefanie Kaylor

Our Pastor:

Pastor Pic2

Jeremy’s an Iowa native who lured a poor-sighted, way-out-of-his-league Jersey girl to ‘the best city in Des Moines’ with promises of fields all a-glisten with ‘Midwestern Gold’. Said Jersey-girl, Kristen, responds: ‘As long as you’re talking about corn, I’m in!’ Polands 2015 Later, two wonderful kids happened. In their spare moments, Jeremy and Kristen like to enjoy creation, nerd-out to ‘A Game of Thrones’, and travel to exotic locales where they inspire large-scale natural disasters together. Jeremy likes to study theology and philosophy, pretend he can paint, and generally be hilarious in ways no one else understands. Kristen loves shaking her head at Jeremy, being genuinely awesome, and making Wonder-Woman look lazy.