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Building Community:

Our dream is to create a community where any and all people are engaged where they are, encouraged to keep going and growing, and empowered to serve in a way that makes life better for everyone. That’s what thrive means to us.  And when we say ‘all’ people, we really mean it.  Regardless of what you believe, what you have, who you love, or where you think you belong, our community celebrates you as a gift. We started meeting every Sunday in October of 2014, so we’re still a ‘work in progress.’ We’re informal; we like snacks and fun music. Wear whatever you want. We do what we can to welcome people and help them connect. Our service is done in an hour (or sometimes a little less).

Service Time and Location:

Second Sundays of the month: 10:30 a.m.  3550 Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why start a new church? 

We see a need in our community for connection and focus.   As human beings, we need the support, nurture and encouragement of others to experience a powerful sense of joy and purpose.  We also need a sense of how we fit into ‘the Big Picture’ together –and that means discovering our connection with God.  Once we’re connected, becoming focused to live intentionally (having faith), empowers us to transform the world.

What makes thrive different from other churches?

We’re a church for people that God isn’t finished with yet.  We don’t know all the answers; and things don’t always run smoothly.  And we’re okay with that. We’re strive to be accessible, engaging, and transformative. We speak a language that’s easy to understand, in a setting that feels comfortable; we serve others and one another in ways that matter; and we constantly work for a better life together -especially for the hurt, left out, and the lost.  We don’t have prerequisits, but we encourage those in our community to be involved and have an impact.

How can I find out about the kinds of things you do? 

We try to post our activities and service on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thriveUMC); but if you contact us, we can answer your questions, put you on our e-mail list, or give the you the opportunity to talk with Jeremy or Jen (they’d be grateful for the chance to meet you).   Just let us know how we can help!

What will your church services be like?

Wear your jeans, and bring your coffee and your questions.  We like comfortable.  At the same time, we like shaking things up a bit too.  We try different musical styles.  We talk about things that matter, and encourage people to be honest in their doubts and struggles. It’s the place where we’re freed to be our real selves, together.