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God’s Bloody Hands 6: Killing God

Luke 22:54-23:56   Through the entire season of Lent, we’ve been looking at the story of Jesus’s last trip to Jerusalem.  And we’ve been looking at the way all the parties involved have been searching and working for peace.  Then, at the same time, we’ve been lifting up practices that we can exercise today, here

01 Apr 2015

God’s Bloody Hands 5: Peace Prayer

Luke 22:39-53 When I was about 12, I went and saw a movie called Apollo 13 with my parents.  I had thought it sounded cool because it was supposed to be about a space-mission going terribly wrong.   And on top of that, it was also starring Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise, who had both been

25 Mar 2015

God’s Bloody Hands 3: Giving Peace

  Luke 19:45-48, 20:20-26; 21:1-4 Through Lent, we’re taking a look at the story of Jesus in Jerusalem –and not just the sequence of events by themselves; but we’re going to see how the story of Jesus completely redefines how we listen and tell the rest of our stories. And that, by the way, is

16 Mar 2015

God’s Bloody Hands 2: King of Peace

  Luke 19:29-44 Through Lent, we’re following Jesus through his last trip to Jerusalem, on to the cross, and beyond, because this is the culmination of the story of Jesus.  This is where he comes into power.  And today we’re looking at the scripture story that’s usually associated with Palm Sunday, the Sunday immediately preceding

11 Mar 2015

Bloody Hands 1 Lent Story

  Luke 19:11-28 CEB Lily Wood: A Prayer In C It’s funny to think about how powerful stories can be.  And I’m not just talking about the biblical stories–but any of them.  Movies, commercials, political campaign speeches, songs, co-workers’ complaints –they’re all stories; and they all move people in one way or another.  Each of

04 Mar 2015

Taboo 6: Sex Sex Sex

  Luke 11:37-44; 12:1-7 Today we’ll be wrapping up our ‘Taboo’ series, in order to transition into the season of Lent, which will begin on Ash Wednesday this week.   And through our taboo series, we’ve tried to uncover, and bring to the light, some of the fears and perceived dangers the Church, and Christianity, have

04 Mar 2015

Taboo 5: Dangerous Questions

Taboo 5: Dangerous Questions Luke 6:39-49 Throughout our ‘Taboo’ series, we’ve been talking about the deepest fears we, as church-people, have been trying to cover up –in order to discover what those fears say about us as individuals and as a community.  And it’s my personal perspective that, once we stop to face some of

26 Feb 2015

Taboo 4: Doubt

Luke 4:1-12 Most of you know that before I began to serve with thrive, I worked for six years serving in Youth ministry with another church. And the thing I grew to love the most about working in ministry with teenagers is that they didn’t really get all of the nuances of social etiquette yet.

25 Feb 2015

1-18-15 Taboo 3 Peter Panning

Taboo 3: Peter Panning Have any of you had a moment where something happened –and it didn’t really seem like it should have been a really big deal at all, but it just was for you? Like, the moment was awesome, except for this one little detail that ruined everything for you? Maybe you couldn’t

05 Feb 2015

1-4-15 Taboo 1: Evolution

We’re opening up a new message series this month called: ‘Taboo: things you’re not supposed to talk about at church.’ And, of course, since we’re trying to do the church thing right now, we’re simply going to list them all, just so everyone knows what they are; and then we’ll all be clear about all

04 Feb 2015