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thrive mall groups are where we grow. It’s the venue where we build real relationships, learn, and are empowered to ‘thrive.’ Like seeds on the sidewalk, we’ll never become fully ourselves until we’re immersed in an environment where we can become grounded and enriched.

Of course this requires a small degree of vulnerability. We have to take the risk of being present before others who are likely different from us, and we have to come to trust that they will welcome us for who we are (they will!). They are places for our stories and our struggles, for our knowledge and our questions and our doubts. But most of all, they are places where we can come to know others and to be known (and encouraged!). This is a small risk to take, compared to life on the sidewalk.

thrive small groups can be just about anything where people are gathered with the aim of growing, and they can be for absolutely anyone. For young and old, beginners and experts –we all thrive by being connected to one another.

Season 2 groups run September-December

Growing Healthy

A small group aimed to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health through discussions and actions. Join us as we watch videos from the Danial Plan, discuss, and act.

Start Date: Tuesday Sept. 19th, at 6:30 p.m.

Frequency: Every Tuesday, for six weeks

Leaders: Kasey Peters and Ryan Beatty

Unsettled: The Spirit that Leads Us Home[less]

The story of the Bible is one of movement.  God’s people grow in their pilgrimages and in their moments of exile; but when they settle down, they start to lose their faith. Life is like that for us yet today. The ‘destination’ of our faith isn’t really a destination at all, but rather a commitment to grow, struggle, and persevere.  In this sermon-series small group, we’ll apply what’s discussed in our Gathering to our own lives: where have we been unsettled?  Where has our disruption taken us?  Where do we go from here?  We’ll wrestle with these questions, and resist the temptation to camp with the easy answers, as we encourage one another toward courage and compassion.

Location: The Learning Resource Center

Start Date: Sunday, Sept. 17th 11:30 a.m.

Frequency: Once per week, for 8 weeks.

Leader: Jeremy Poland


Spiritual Direction

For those who are seeking a deeper level of discernment through silence, contemplative prayer, and listening to the Holy Spirit in yourself and others.

Location: In Home

Start date: (On-going -currently full)

Frequency: One Monday per month

Leader: Andrea Severson


Love Wins

Join a friendly discussion of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, and explore what it looks like to bring the Bible to life.

Location: Resource Learning Center

Start date: Sunday,Sept. 17

Frequency: Weekly (Sundays 9-10 AM)

Leader: Judi Randall

Faith In Culture

With everything that’s going on in our world today –in politics, culture, and the media- it’s hard to know what to do and how to move forward.  This group is our attempt to create a space for people to ask questions, share struggles, and act in a way that bring about healing and reconciliation.  No, we’re not going to solve any world-problems this way; but we might just move a little closer to become more peaceful people.

Location: To Be Determined

Start Date: TBD

Frequency: TBD

Leader: Hailey Burton


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