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At thrive we believe that small groups are essential to our spiritual life and our life as a community. Small groups are not just Bible studies or prayer groups, small groups are wherever we want to find new ways to intersect our life and our faith.

thrive small groups are a place to ask questions, to get to know people who are different than you, support each other, learn new things, intentionally grow in our faith, be vulnerable, express our doubts and fears and have fun. This is where we do real life as a community. This is where we live life more fully.

thrive small groups are short term (usually 3 months), flexible (groups meet weekly to monthly), cover a wide range of topic and interests (think cooking groups to theological studies), and are open to everyone (seriously, everyone).

Our next groups start in February, and you can sign up NOW!
Season 1 groups run February-April

Dream Weavers

Dream Weavers
Curious about dreams and what they mean? You’re not alone! Group members will have the opportunity to share dreams as we explore how they might help us to learn about ourselves and deepen our spiritual experience.

Location: West Des Moines Library
Start date: Monday,6 February 2
Frequency: Bi-Weekly- first and third (Mondays from 7-8:30 PM)
Leader: Andrea Severson


WTH is the Bible?
No need to pretend you know what the Bible is all about. If you have ever been puzzled, confused or disturbed by reading scripture, let’s talk about it! We are going to use Adam Hamilton’s book “Making Sense of the Bible” to better understand passages and themes from the Bible: how books were chosen, if Adam and Eve were even real people, and literally we should take the Bible. Bring your questions, doubts, curiosity and imagination!

Location: Resource Learning Center
Start date: Sunday, February 5
Frequency: Weekly (Sundays 9-10 AM)
Leader: Judi Randall
Materials: Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense of the Bible, available on Amazon. If you need a book ordered for you, please contact Judi (

thriving parents

Thriving Parents through Purposeful Parenting
Regardless of our children’s age, parenting is joyful and rewarding as well as stressful and humbling. Thriving Families through Purposeful Parenting will provide the time, the support, and the community we all need to confidently embrace the life-long challenge of parenting. Each session will have an opportunity for learning new skills and strategies for purposeful parenting, time for sharing our celebrations and challenges, and connecting our faith to our family life.

Start date: Sunday February
Frequency: Bi-weekly (Sunday 3-4 PM)
Leader: Mark Lane

Making Our Way Sure, it’s kind of a cliché; but we’re all looking for a sense of meaning or significance in our life –call it your fate, or purpose, or calling. But it’s not really about finding something; it’s about giving. Call it your life investment. So we’ll spend 8 weeks finding our focus, and developing practical ways to start growing into the good life, now.

Location: Learning Resource Center
Start date: February 5th
Frequency: Weekly (Sundays, from 11:30-12:30, for 8 weeks)
Leader: Jeremy Poland

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