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06 Jun 2017

Struggle to Love

Today we’re wrapping up our quick little May series called Don’t Tell Anyone: Sharing Our Struggles.  And what we’ve been doing in this series is taking a look at a couple of particular instances in the gospel of Matthew where Jesus has specifically instructed his disciples to be silent regarding two different discoveries they made,

31 May 2017

Struggle To Be

  I have to tell all of you: I was a shocked to be told that God was at work in my life this past week. Apparently, divine activity had happened in my life, right before my eyes and I had failed to see it.  And it took someone else to point this out to

24 May 2017

Belief Struggle

Last month, we spent our time together talking about wounds and death, and how those seemingly arid topographies were in fact the very fertile soils where healing and resurrection could sprout. In that time, we tried to encourage you all to shine a little flashlight into the often hidden depths of your own lives and

16 May 2017

Easter Disappointment

Brothers and sisters, today we celebrate Easter. And if you’ve ever celebrated Easter in any church before, you’ll no doubt know that Easter Sunday is supposed to be an incredibly special day. It’s a day where church communities go all out, dressed up in their finest pastels. It’s the day where all the choirs of

13 May 2017

Different Kind of Healing

03 May 2017

Easter Aftermath

  Last week we celebrated Easter Sunday, along with about two billion other people across the globe. That means nearly a third of the world’s entire population was participating in that sacred, holy day. Even the Christian churches of both the East and the West shared in the same celebration, which is remarkable because they

26 Apr 2017

Gift of Vulnerable

It’s hard to believe, but already next week we’ll be celebrating Easter!  And Easter is the day where Christians around the world gather together for approximately 60 holy minutes to celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, before rushing home to hunt for colored eggs and reinvent the sins of gluttony and sloth!

13 Apr 2017


  Today, friends, we’re kicking off a new series. And this new series follows the old series, which was all about your life’s meaning and how you invest yourself, and how you participate, within your meaning.  We called that old series Making Our Way –and boy-oh-boy, we have arrived, haven’t we?  We are just going

04 Apr 2017

Delivered to See

When I was in college, I did one play. I had done plays in high school and always had fun doing them, but they were mostly just a reason to goof around with my friends after school. For whatever reason, I think acting at the college level would be a similar experience… And boy was

28 Mar 2017