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Not All Rising Is Up

Lately I’ve caught myself doing something that a lot of adults tend to do around kids: I comment aloud about how big they’ve gotten. “Eli!” I’ll tell him, “I can hardly carry you around anymore, because you’re too huge dude!” Now, as a piece of advice, children tend to receive remarks like this much better

24 Apr 2018

Of Sires and Cyruses

Throughout our “Re:New” series so far, we’ve been encouraging you and inviting you into an intentional process of renewal.  Our guiding hope for the last six weeks has been that in at least one small way, you will start to experience your own life as being new, again. But of course, this is easier said

17 Apr 2018

The Sign Is Us

America is a strange place to live, these days, isn’t it?  I was just reminded of this this past week when I was walking through a parking lot, here in town and a sticker on the back window of a Jeep Grand Cherokee caught my eye.  And I don’t know if a lot of you

11 Apr 2018

Unfortunate Manscaping

This morning, we’re gathered to celebrate Easter, one of the high holy days of the Christian year.  It’s where we lift up the second of God’s great miracles, revealed in Jesus, to marvel before it.  The first miracle we celebrate is of God’s incarnation –the historical event of God abandoning the fullness of divine power

04 Apr 2018

Needed Surprise

  Next week, in precisely a week from right about now, something is going to happen, right?  Next Sunday is no ordinary Sunday, but it is, instead…. Easter, isn’t it?  And also April Fool’s day, which to me is a beautiful and completely appropriate overlap.  Because Easter really is a day that commemorates and celebrates

27 Mar 2018

Wings Not for Flying

This morning, I just wanted to start off by showing you this picture I took last summer of the city of Jerusalem.  The picture currently sits as the backdrop for our series art, and I picked it because my experience in Jerusalem changed the way I imagine us, and our world, being renewed.  For a

21 Mar 2018

Empty Spaces

  So how was it?  What was it like to spend six whole minutes in a space that’s typically dedicated to something, but then it turns out that that thing isn’t there?  And it’s interesting to me, because we all did something –we all had a choice, didn’t we?  Even if we didn’t realize we

14 Mar 2018

Real Celebration

  For the past two months, we’ve been talking each week about the art of celebration, where we’ve encouraged all of you to make celebration a daily ritual.  The message we’ve shared has been quite simple –and almost childish, really: just find something in your lives to be grateful for –especially the people- and let

27 Dec 2017

Welcome Weakness

  This morning, I wanted to open with a reading from the Psalms.  As some of you might know, the book of Psalms is a collection of songs, poetry and wisdom writings, that were or originally authored in the ancient Hebrew language.  So what I’m sharing with you now is a poem of a particular

20 Dec 2017

Growing Love

For the last six weeks, we’ve been focusing our time here together on the art of celebration.  Because our firm conviction is that we will experience our own lives more joyfully and more powerfully when we’re celebrating.  And for the first month, our challenge for all of you was simply to find something to celebrate. 

14 Dec 2017