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Backward Belief

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking my dogs for a walk around our neighborhood, when a yard sign caught my eye.  And what caught my eye was that, at the very top of the sign it said: “We believe…” Right at that moment, I went ‘oh, a creed sign!’  (Insert bad reference to

18 Oct 2017


We’re resuming our series again, called “Unsettled,” and today we’re going to talk about a man named Saul. But very quickly: I first of all wanted to remind you all that this is good news that we’re here to share –today and always.  Being ‘unsettled’ isn’t –as we’re sometimes tempted to believe- always a bad

11 Oct 2017

The Lonely Covenant

    I’ve been having this experience lately, which I think at least a few of you could probably relate to.  As I’ve been watching so much of what’s going on in our world and culture, I’ve had this sort of Jiminy-Cricket type voice that keeps going off in my head saying: ‘uh, I’m not

26 Sep 2017

Surprise Path to Blessing

Last week we briefly introduced our new series called ‘Unsettled,’ by looking at the humble origin stories of two inspired and innovative figures in the Bible: Abram and Saul –who later become Abraham and Paul, respectively. Now, in case you don’t know anything about these two guys, we’re focusing on their particular stories because their

20 Sep 2017


We’re gathered here today as a particular community. And being a community is always challenging, because it means we share some things.  But not everything.  For instance, it’s not important to us at all to share bathroom time.  In fact, I would venture to guess that most of us here would say that the less

13 Sep 2017


  Today we’re wrapping up the series we started in August called Inspiration: Living Everyday Holy. And in that series, we’ve had one pretty simple aim in mind, which is to help you become more attuned to the movement of the Holy Spirit in your own lives, so that we might become empowered as a

12 Sep 2017

Anxious Faith

Have you ever found yourself in a circumstance where you’re sharing something with someone, but the sharing doesn’t quite go all the way?  Like, have you ever played a game of basketball with somebody who played like it wasn’t a team sport?  Or have you ever seen a couple in a romantic relationship, where one

30 Aug 2017

The Poltergeist Problem

  In our current series called ‘Inspired: Living Everyday Holy’ we’ve been drawing from the story in the book of Acts where the early disciples of Jesus were empowered to establish a new community. In that story, there was a strange, mighty wind that first gave them the power to speak new languages. Then, that

22 Aug 2017

Contagious Power

Over the last month, we’ve been reading from a book in the Bible called The Acts of the Apostles about how the followers of Jesus were inspired. If you’ll recall, there was a miracle that happened in the city of Jerusalem; and through that miracle, people were being brought together. At the beginning of this

14 Aug 2017


For the next several weeks, we’re going to talk about inspiration, and the process by which we become inspired people. But I just wanted to start off this morning with a quick survey: how many of you feel like you’re inspired people? Raise your hand if you think you’re inspired? Of course, most of us,

08 Aug 2017